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Absinthe Serpis Dry 55

By Deliciously dry, Added on the : 19/02/2018

I really enjoyed this. It was a unique experience.

Absinthe La Veuve Verte

By Rob Thomas, Added on the : 19/02/2018

A refreshing new addition to the cabinet will be back for more of this for sure
up there with the best.


Absinthe Espinaveld Verte

By Rob Thomas, Added on the : 19/02/2018

Fairly Mild on the Anise
Quite herbal with a lasting Wormwood finish
better with less water & no sugar but thats just my opinion.

Gin Kyrö Distillery - Napue Finnish Rye Gin

By Grumpy, Added on the : 15/02/2018

Absolutely wonderful terrific taste and flavor. I find it to be fabulous straight up as a shot too.


Absinthe Espinaveld Verte

By Dennis Klebe, Added on the : 10/02/2018

This one was a bit of a surprise. A well crafted absinthe, that gives the impression of a distiller with a few years of experience under his belt. But as the bottle stated, this was indeed "Edition no.1". Very fresh and herbal, somewhat mild on the anise, a slight sharpness that I assume to be a good amount of fennel seed. Very well balanced, fitting for what could be considered a "by the books" benchmark for new absinthe distillers. In my opinion, improvements could be made by using a wine alcohol base instead of the more neutral grain alcohol, and a bit of a bolder approach with the flavor profile, for as well crafted as this absinthe is, it's still lacking somewhat of an individual character. Overall, very impressive for a first commercial output, entirely recommended.