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Absinthe Jade Esprit Edouard

By MerryDrunk, Added on the : 22/02/2018

Really enjoyed this one! First let me say that it has a nice dose of wormwood. The initial taste is classic. Exactly what you'd expect from a fine absinthe - anise and all. But then you get that sharp bitter bite! It's a very bold taste. Great for veteran drinkers. If you pour water slowly into your cup, you can actually see a fairly large size oil layer build up on top of the glass. It's a beautiful emerald crystalline color. Naturally you can mellow it a bit with sugar, if preferred. I enjoyed mine both with and without sugar. Stock seems to run out quickly, so grab a bottle if you can. This is a great choice.


Absinthe Fountain La Véritable – 1900 Art Nouveau - 3 taps

By Whiskydoc, Added on the : 21/02/2018

An amazing piece of work, beautifully made and very striking. It works to perfection and I would highly recommend it as a stunning centrepiece.

Absinthe Glass Reservoir Pontarlier - High Quality

By Whiskydoc, Added on the : 21/02/2018

Beautifully made glasses, with the reservoir measuring around 30-40 mls. Easily cleaned and look perfect.

Absinthe Spoon Wormwood - Silver

By Whskydoc, Added on the : 21/02/2018

Very elegant, excellent quality. They go extremely well with the La Veritable Fountain and the Pontarlier glasses

Absinthe Jade Esprit Edouard

By Will H, Added on the : 21/02/2018

Best new absinthe I’ve tried in years. Will be sure to keep a bottle in stock at all times henceforth.