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Absinthe Spoon Feuille II - Chrome

By fairy85, Added on the : 16/08/2017

I saw it and I had to have it! it is beautiful, lead me to this website and to taste delicious drinks, what else can I ask for? If you are going to drink absinthe do it with style! This is the spoon...


Absinthe Grön Opal

By McJakeK, Added on the : 05/08/2017

Smells good and tastes even better. Also price is quite decent for product this tasty. Definetly recommended!

Absinthe Spoon Feuille II - Chrome

By GLK, Added on the : 02/08/2017

My personal favourite spoon design so far on the website. It works really well on the all my glasses and produces a nice forming louche!

Absinthe Fountain Royal Green Fairy - 4 taps

By Mattias, Added on the : 01/08/2017

The fountain works and looks amazing. It adds a certain "belle epoque" feeling at home! Shipping was fast and packaging great. Thanks a lot!

Absinthe Abisinthe Amer 72

By How can I count the ways?, Added on the : 31/07/2017

10 years of 4 & 5 star ratings. 35 parts per million, the highest allowable amount of thujone (if you're into that sort of thing). From the #1 producing country of Absinthe in the world. 72%, the alcohol level (again, if you're into that sort of thing). 1811, the year Lamercer started fermenting fine products. 3:1, the perfect ratio of water to Absinthe. 6, the number of times I've ordered it. 4, the number of bottles I ordered last time I ordered it. 72 ml, the largest bottle you can buy. 0, the amount of sugar needed to savor this treat. Lastly, I will say, that if you don't like Jagermeister because of the anise flavor, that doesn't mean you won't like this. The additional herbs balance this out nicely.

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