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This bar measure, also known as a jigger, is a convenient way to measure out your absinthe. Each individual absinthe needs a slightly different amount of water added to optimally bring out its flavours: To serve most absinthe, add one part absinthe to the glass followed by 2 to 6 parts chilled water. (Usually, the higher the alcohol strength of the absinthe, the more water needs adding.)

This jigger measures around 18ml on one side (enough absinthe for small tasting glass), and twice that on the other (ideal for a typical absinthe glass).

Embellished with the Absinthes.com Fairy logo, this jigger is also handy for measuring cocktail ingredients. A home bar essential.
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  • Height
    7.5 cm
  • Interior diameter
    3.3 cm
  • Exterior diameter
    3.8 cm


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By Jason of Michigan

Added on the : 26/06/2019 English

Did the job very well it sits with my shot glass collection waiting to be used on fridays

By Piit63

Added on the : 10/05/2019 English

Does the job, has decent copper plating finish. Ok product


Added on the : 25/03/2019 English

Free with my first order, nothing to complain about!

By Haredawg

Added on the : 22/02/2019 English

Has held up well and I have no idea how to rate this product

By Northener

Added on the : 21/01/2019 English

Free gift is always a nice touch. What´s not to like.

By Heinz

Added on the : 20/12/2018 English

Very useful for Absinthe dosage, a very beautiful welcome gift.

By Kerosene

Added on the : 17/12/2018 English

Compact and it was free with my order, so how can I complain? I've already used it a few times and I get perfect pours each time. Looks great on my Absinthe tray.

By Ana Isabel

Added on the : 13/12/2018 English

el jigger es muy llamativo, con un sorprendente color rosado, las medidas, suficientes para el uso al que se destina


Added on the : 06/12/2018 English

A nice useful little item which was included free of charge with my order. It is a thoughtful customer appreciation gift. Thank you!

By Daemian

Added on the : 04/12/2018 English

Thingy is cool to use. Don't really know to say more about it though..

Results 1 to 10  (out of 30)

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