Jigger bar measure

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This bar measure, also known as a jigger, is a convenient way to measure out your absinthe. Each individual absinthe needs a slightly different amount of water added to optimally bring out its flavours: To serve most absinthe, add one part absinthe to the glass followed by 2 to 6 parts chilled water. (Usually, the higher the alcohol strength of the absinthe, the more water needs adding.)

This jigger measures around 18ml on one side (enough absinthe for small tasting glass), and twice that on the other (ideal for a typical absinthe glass).

Embellished with the Absinthes.com Fairy logo, this jigger is also handy for measuring cocktail ingredients. A home bar essential.
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  • Height
    7.5 cm
  • Interior diameter
    3.3 cm
  • Exterior diameter
    3.8 cm


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By SethP

Added on the : 13/05/2018 Anglais

A beautiful piece that will do it's job. The absinthes.com logo just makes it special.

By Sam

Added on the : 08/05/2018 Anglais

A lovely gift with purchase. Good quality and practical.

By markom

Added on the : 11/01/2018 Anglais

Nice looking and very useful for precise preparation of absinthe.

By Raffaele

Added on the : 29/12/2017 Anglais

Wow. Little, simple with good material. Recommended.

By Dee kay

Added on the : 21/12/2017 Anglais

I give it 4 stars. Thanks. I like it. I’ll use it.

By Emma

Added on the : 21/12/2017 Anglais

Lovely little welcome gift, awesome quality and fast delivery :)

By justch

Added on the : 14/12/2017 Anglais

Love it. Its neat and useful..Would recommend to anyone who drinks spirits..

By A S Kant

Added on the : 06/12/2017 Anglais

Quite useful, though the volume of the big end is a little less than I would normally use. Regular shot glasses are closer to the portion of absinthe I like to use in a glass.

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