Just Gin Quartet - Top Trumps style Card game

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Just Gin is the world's first gin card came that presents gins from all over the world.

It contains 36 cards and thus 4 cards more than a normal ‘quartet’ game. The gins in this game range from well-known classics, such as Tanqueray No. Ten to gins from small distilleries, such as the OMG from Martin Zufanek.

It is a classic quartet game with 6 categories on each card: year of creation, distance to London, number of botanicals, alcohol content, production volume in 2015 and retail price in liters Furthermore, each card contains a serving suggestion for the respective gin.

Just Gin can be played in 2 versions: as a quartet game and as top trumps. The game instructions for each version are included in the stylish metal box.

With this card game, you'll get small glimpse into the world of gin. It also makes for a great gift for your friends or for yourself.
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