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A Blended Irish Whisky made at the Teeling Distillery in Dublin.

This Blended Irish Whisky made at the Teeling Distillery in Dublin is a 3:1 blend from Single Malt and Single Grain whiskies. The whiskies are aged in ex-bourbon casks for up to six years before they are blended and finished in an ex-rum cask.Aroma: Vanilla, cara ...

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An Irish Single Malt Whisky. Delicious complexity with notes of melon, figs and...

The Teeling Single Malt is one of our personal favorites among Irish whiskies. Even though it‘s not produced in Scotland, it easily lives up to the same standards and well-balanced taste.This Single Malt has a powerful and round taste, a li ...

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An Irish whisky, distilled from corny malt and aged in Californian cabernet sauv...

The Teeling Single Grain Whisky is derived from 95% corny malt. Its light color with a red tint is a result from maturing the whisky in red wine casks.Only 5.000 bottles are made each year, this is a small batch master piece. The Teeling Single G ...

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