Kyrö Destillerie - Napue Rye Gin 46,3% + Tonic Set - 30cl

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Napue Gin is made out of 100 % rye and more than 15 selected plants. Some of them even come from the surroundings of the distillery, like meadowsweet, birch leaves, sea buckthorn and wild cranberries. These ingredients are deeply rooted in Finnish nature. Enjoying a glass of Napue is almost like inhaling the scent of a Finnish meadow in bloom.

Characterized by its herbal taste, the Napue Gin is nevertheless sweet. The meadowsweet oils and light notes of lemon are perceptible. On the palate, complex aromas of plants are prevailing and the finish has notes of pepper and rye.

The gin was awarded the title "Best Gin for a Gin & Tonic" at the IWSC 2015. A gin that has no equal!

And for something even more different, try Koskue Gin, the barrel aged brother of Napue Gin.
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    Kyrö, Sierra Madre GmbH - Rohrstrasse 26, 58093 Hagen, DE

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