La Maison des Chats, Switzerland

A small micro-distillery located at the heart of the Swiss Jura mountains, where absinthe was invented in 1792: The legendary Val-de-Travers. The distillery is located in a special place: La Maison des Chats (the house of cats) in Boveresse- an extremely old and quite famous house which was built in 1777.

The Maison des Chats distillery by Kevin Nebel carries two different absinthe brands to date: His blanche "Absinthe des Chats", and his Verte "Feline".
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Absinthe des Chats - 70cl

Switzerland / 54%
(4 Reviews)

A clear absinthe from Switzerland. Most of the herbs are cultivated by the disti...

Absinthe des Chats is a very mellow and refreshing Swiss absinthe. Distilled after an original „Bleue“ recipe dating back to the 1860s, its exceptionally sweet and light character differentiates this absinthes from other Val-de-T ...

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Absinthe des Chats - 20cl

Switzerland / 54%
(4 Reviews)

A Swiss absinthe with refreshing and sweet profile. Distilled at the Val-de-Trav...

This clear absinthe is distilled after a recipe from 1860. Discover a traditional Swiss Bleue the way it tasted before the absinthe ban. The Maison des Chats absinthe is characterized by a nice and mellow note of wormwood, a rather subtle note of aniseed and an overall sweet ...

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