La Maison des Chats, Switzerland

A small micro-distillery located at the heart of the Swiss Jura mountains, where absinthe was invented in 1792: The legendary Val-de-Travers. The distillery is located in a special place: La Maison des Chats (the house of cats) in Boveresse- an extremely old and quite famous house which was built in 1777.

The Maison des Chats distillery by Kevin Nebel carries two different absinthe brands to date: His blanche "Absinthe des Chats", and his Verte "Feline".
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Absinthe des Chats - 70cl

Switzerland / 54%
(4 Reviews)

A clear absinthe from Switzerland. Most of the herbs are cultivated by the disti...

Absinthe des Chats is a very mellow and refreshing Swiss absinthe. Distilled after an original „Bleue“ recipe dating back to the 1860s, its exceptionally sweet and light character differentiates this absinthes from other Val-de-T ...

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Absinthe Feline - 70cl

Switzerland / 72%
(2 Reviews)

The first Verte from La Maison des Chats in Boveresse, Switzerland.

Absinthe Feline is the second Absinthe produced by Kevin Nebel, in the historic building La Maison des Chats in Boveresse, which gives the absinthe its name.This verte is very mild despite the high alcohol content of 72% and it has slight sweetne ...

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