Lemercier Pastis 1811 - 50cl

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This pastis, from the Lemercier distillery in Fougerolles, France, is unbelievably creamy and delicious. The 1811 tastes uniquely fresh and soft, and above all, not too sweet, in contrast to many brands of pastis.

The name 1811 comes from the year the Lemercier family distillery was founded in 1811. This pastis, with an alcoholic strength of 45% is an homage to the history and experience of the family, and their expertise producing absinthe and spirits. The label shows the coat of arms of the Lemercier family.

Pastis 1811 is made not only with anise, but also wormwood, liquorice, fennel, gentian and star anise. This gives it a very well rounded taste, and the difference compared to mass produced pastis is clear.

Pastis 1811 comes not just in an attractive bottle and elaborate label, but in a decorative box, making it ideal as a present.

Colour: Before adding water, 1811 pastis is an attractive amber colour.

Aroma: Anise, fennel and a subtle sweetness tickle the nose.

Louche: The louche happens quickly, like an explosion, colouring the pastis a golden yellow.

Flavour: Anise, fennel and a hint of wormwood make for a fresh and pleasant taste-experience!

Finish: A long anisey finish.

Conclusion: A wonderful pastis, which because of its complexe mixture of herbs is somewhat atypical, yet remains a classic pastis in all senses. After the first sip, you will want more.
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    1,25 kg
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  • Country of Origin :
  • Alcohol Content :
    45% vol
  • Coloration :
  • Responsible Food Company :
    Peureux, 43 Avenue Claude Peureux, 70220 Fougerolles, FR
  • Usage :
    Mix with water before drinking.
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  • Anise taste :
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Lemercier, France


The Lemercier family used to run a farm and distill Kirsch and Plum Brandy for mostly their own use, but for other people from around Fougerolles as well. After noticing the rising demand for their spirits, the family decided to found their own distillery in 1811. Nicolas started distilling absinthe around the same time, however, he had to stop during 1915 due to the worldwide ban of absinthe.


After finishing his business studies, Alain Aureggio, Desle'S grand-grandson, decided to take up the family business.

Lemercier's absinthes and liquors :

Their probably most popular absinthe is the Absinthe Abisinthe – available in a 72°, 72° Amer and a 45° version. These are classed as the ideal absinthe for people discovering this drink. Some more absinthes in the Lemercier product range are the Absinthe Coeur d'Absinthe double and triple distillation – two significant blanches! Furthermore, Lemercier distills several eau-de-vies and the Green Demon Absinthe.

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By Jean Pierre

Added on the : 25/10/2019 French

Très bon pastis

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