Lemorton, Calvados

Lemorton is a Calvados producer in the region of Domfrontais, a region that looks back on a long-standing tradition. A few years ago, Roger Lemorton, the son of Isidore, gave the administrative role to his son Didier, who is now leading the Calvados producer into its 3rd generation as a family business.

Typical for Calvados for Domfrontais, dominated by the elegant and feminine cider brandies of the House Lemorton, is to not only use apples but also pears from the tall trees of the Lemorton plantation: for every 7 pears there are only about 3 apples in the mix. The cider ages for 11 months in oak casks, before it is distilled in the household alembic over a wooden fire, the resultant brandy containing 70% ABV.

Because of the large pear content of this especially delicate cider brandy, it has to be aged for at least 5 years in the on-average 30 year-old oak casks à la maison. Lemorton has become quite famous for their especially old and supple cider brandies and vintages, which are offered at countless gourmet restaurants. Of course, the younger brandies of the house are also created in the traditional manner and reflect the terroir of the plantation authentically.
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10 years old, with a full flavour and lent a touch of tannin from its oak-cask a...

The 10 year-old Calvados Domfrontais, aged in oak casks from the house of Lemorton, is a light golden yellow. You will see and clearly taste that it is the older brother of the 5 year-old version: the bouquet is more voluminous and at 40% ABV the Calvados has a fuller fla ...

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After 5 years of aging, this Calvados has been refined, losing its rougher young...

This cider brandy is straw golden, and the 5 years of aging in oak casks let the fine pear aroma shine, and the 5 years are already sufficient for the brandy to forfeit its young forcefulness.The fruit is accompanied nicely by floral notes, with a dapper finish.

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A special Calvados from the House Lemorton, characterized by sweet aroma of pear...

First the cider ages for eleven months in oak barrels and is then distilled in Lemorton´s own alembic still. The destillate is then poured into casks around 30 years old.

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A complex and spicy calvados with sweet aromas of nuts and caramel.

First the cider ages for eleven months in oak barrels and is then distilled in Lemorton´s own alembic still. The destillate is then poured into casks around 30 years old.

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A very fine aged Calvados from Lemorton. A blend of ancient reserve vintages...

This rare bottle contains the probably most prestigious Calvados made by the Lemorton family. It is a blend of old vintages and ancient reserves at the Lemorton's cellars, the oldest being almost a century old.A remarkable blend with a delicate taste.

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A very complex 1980 Calvados produced by Didier Lemorton.

Lemorton Calvados is made with a 70% share of pears, which are picked as soon as they are fully ripe.This vintage Calvados was distilled in 1980 and stored in a barrel since then. It was bottled at an age of 36 years.The aromas reveal preserved pear, ...

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Calvados produced by Didier Lemorton in 1999.

The Lemorton Calvados is made with a high share of pears and only 30% of apples.This vintage from 1999 is very complex and has a refreshing note of apples and citrus fruits.

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A 1989 Calvados from Lemorton.

The 1989 Lemorton Calvados creates a delicious harmony of fruit, tannin and alcohol.A very rare Calvados of an exceptional quality!

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1926 vintage Vieux Calvados by Lemorton, in a 70 cl bottle.

Aged Calvados distilled by the Lemorton Maison.

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