Liqueur d'Auvergne - Angélique Liqueur - 20cl

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Angelica liqueur is made according to an old recipe and using a traditional production method. Angelica liqueur was famous worldwide up until the 1960s when it fell out of fashion.

Philippe Fumoux of the Absintherie Bourbonnaise has brought traditional angelica liqueur back to life. The ingredients he uses, angelica seeds and roots, come from the last surviving angelica farmer in the Auvergne.

A liqueur with a very special flavour, which tastes best served pure or on the rocks. Because of the unique flavour, this angelica liqueur is an opportunity to create very special cocktails, and lend a rich flavour to sweet and savoury dishes in the kitchen too.

Aroma: Rich, sweet, and earthy. The aroma is like the crystalised angelica you remember from childhood.

Flavour: Pleasantly sweet (not too sweet like many liqueurs!) with the flavour of angelica. Very slightly bitter, but this is perfectly fine and in balance with the sweetness.

Conclusion: A rich and delicious liqueur, and a delight to see available again after so many decades. Each year, tonnes of it were dispatched to England, the USA and Australia, for use in cakes and as cake decoration. The parts of the plants (everything except for the stems), that couldn’t be used for crystalised angelica, were sent to the distilleries to be turned into liqueur. This tradition came to an end in the 1960s. Thank you to Monsieur Fumoux for reviving the tradition.
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Bourbonnaise Distillery, France

The Absintherie Bourbonnaise distillery opened its doors on May 17, 2011, just after the absinthe ban in France was lifted. The owner of the distillery mainly wanted to revive authentic absinthe recipes, and offer contract distillation to client's own recipes. Absintherie Bourbonnaise was established by absintheur Phil Fumoux who, before becoming a distiller, used to collect and sell absinthe antiques. He created the ‘Frenchman' range of replica absinthe accessories. Due to the interesting scheme of contact-distilling, is is no surpise that this distillery carries a very broad range of absinthes – from absinthes made of historic French recipes, to modern, new absinthes using unique and new herbs, such as bison grass – the Bourbonnaise distillery covers it all.

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