Liqueur de Mûre Sauvage des Pères Chartreux - 50cl

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This blackberry liqueur consists of almost deep-black berries, sugar and alcohol, containing 21% ABV. The monks of the Carthusian order harvest the small, flavor-intensive blackberries from the shrubs that grow between their campus and the neighboring mountains.

The blackberry liqueur tastes nice chilled or on preferably on ice. As an aperitif, it can be consumed pure or also as a mixer with white wine or champagne.
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Chartreuse liqueurs are especially valuable spirits that are produced by monks of the Carthusian order in the grand charter house of the monastery, in Voiron – near Grenoble, in France.

The production of Chartreuse liqueur is wound up in many secrets and myths. There are only two monks, Minister Benoit and Brother Jean-Jacques, who know the 130 various ingredients of the original recipe. Other sources relating to the original recipe are known by a third monk. We are relatively sure that ca. 1/3 of the ingredients originate in the Chartreuse region and the other 2/3 come from all over the world. All the ingredients, even including the coloring agents, used in all the charterhouse-produced liqueurs are 100% organic.

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By Aussie Bob

Added on the : 14/02/2014 Anglais

I'm not 100% sure of all the elements in this liqueur, but it is beautifully sweet and the smell and taste of the blackberries is to die for. I have a small glass, slightly chilled after my desert, and before coffee. Its hard to buy from overseas without even tasting the product, but the description of this liqueur by is very accurate. The price is very reasonable for the product. I'm sure most who try, will like.

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