Liqueur Orechovka - Walnut Liqueur - 50cl

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A delicious liqueur of walnut and spices made by the Zufanek Distillery according to a family recipe.   Read the whole description

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The great-great-grandmother of Martin Zufanek, current owner of the Zufanek distillery, already knew how to enjoy a delicious walnut liqueur. That's why she created this recipe, that has been transmitted in the Zufanek family from generation to generation. The Walnut Liqueur from Zufanek is obtained through a long maceration process of young green walnuts and 9 other herbs and plants in a neutral spirit. That's how the walnut liqueur gets its bitterness, balanced by a subtle sweetness. Through the 2-years storage, the liqueur develops a perfect harmony between walnuts and spices. With an alcohol content of 35%, this Walnut Liqueur is perfect to be enjoyed as digestif. The Walnut Liqueur is bottled after two years of maturation. Thus, the current bottling was made in 2013. Beside this walnut liqueur, the Zufanek distillery is particularly famous for its excellent absinthe (probably the best Czech absinthe).

Zufanek, Czech Republic

The Zufanek Distillery was founded in 2000. At first, the family focused on the production of honey and fruit based liqueurs. In 2008, Martin started to distill absinthe and the St. Antoine was the first one of this distillery. Shortly after the launch of St. Antoine, Martin created La Grenouille, and absinthe Mead Base.

What's special about this distillery is that all fruit used for the production of their spirits are cultivated on their own orchards. Most of the herbs used for the absinthes are also grown by the Zufanek family themselves.

Their mission is: 100% natural products.

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