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Pernod Fils is THE term related to absinthe – this is the name of the first absinthe distillery that produced and sold absinthe to the public in history. Pernod Fils is often considered as the original brand for absinthe, making a number of absinthe lovers search for the odd sample or bottle all over the planet for years.
This metal plate shows a Pernod Fils bottle the way it used to look like, a wooden box where it must have been stored and transported in during the Belle Epoque, as well as a bigger photo of the label the way it was.

This plaque is a reminder of the tradition of absinthe, its deep roots in the history of drinks, and shows how unforgotten this legendary brand is to this day. The Pernod Fils metal plate will decorate your own personal absinthe collection or bar.

What is so special about Pernod and Pernod Fils? Henri-Louis Pernod was the first distiller to help open an absinthe distillery in 1798, shortly after absinthe was first discovered as a drink. He then founded his own business in 1805 in Pontarlier, France. At this distillery he created the first commercial absinthe in history: Pernod Fils.
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