Mezcal MZCL - Dr. Sours - Edition Salt & Silver - 70cl

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MZCL, probably better known as Mezcal, is a spirit derived from the agave plant, which is native to Mexico. It is renowned as a special drink due to its extensive and time consuming production process. Salt & Silver commit to many characteristics that make MZCL unique and interesting – a cool, dynamic label outside the bottle, a prestigious and extremely well crafted drink inside the bottle. MZCL is both modern and nostalgic at the same time.

MZCL is handcrafted and traditionally produced, using no machinery or artificial coloring. In order to create MZCL, only wild-growing Espadilla-agaves are used, and close attention is paid to when the ideal time to harvest those has arrived. Would one harvest those agaves too early, they would not be able to produce enough natural sugar to make a great MZCL, would one harvest them too late, they will have already dissolved their sugar again.

The passion and attention clearly reflects in the MZCL’s taste. Its aroma is full of flavors such as tarragon, cilantro or eucalyptus, which blend perfectly with the aroma of fermented and caramelized hearts of the agave. While tasting MZCL, the same notes appear, but there accompanied by a warm feeling. MZCL’s finish is both smooth and sweet at the same time, very pleasant.
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