Mezcal Topanito 100% Espadín Artesanal Mezcal - 70cl

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An "overproof" mezcal with 52% abv. Made exclusively from hearts of the Espadín Agave, produced in the distillery of Amantes de lo Ajeno, Mexico. In the state of Oaxaca, which is considered the birthplace of Mezcal, there are numerous producers of this smoky agave-based brandy.

The Espadín agave first grows for about seven years before it is harvested and its hearts (piñas) are roasted in earth pits for five to eight days. This roasting process gives artisan mezcal its distinctive smoky and earthy character. The roasted agave hearts are crushed and ground in a mill operated by a donkey. After the addition of water, the mash ferments for three to five days in open wooden and stone vats using wild yeasts. Topanito Mezcal Artesanal Blanco 52% is then distilled twice.

Initially the Topanito has a sweetish and round smell, notes of rosemary, fir, pine resin and grilled peppers surround the nose - the typical smoky taste only develops on the palate and in the finish.

Enjoy Topanito 100% Espadín Artesanal Mezcal pure at room temperature, or in an exciting Mezcal cocktail recipe!
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