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This set includes 2 bottles of Pontarlier Anis and 2 anise glasses from the Guy...

With this set you get a bottle of Pontarlier Anis à l'Ancienne (without sugar) and a bottle of Pontarlier Anis Ponsec (with sugar). Both are distilled by the Guy distillery in France. You'll also receive two anise glasses from the same distillery.

 $53.50/Liter  $53.50
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Aged 5 years in oak barrels. A mellow green absinthe with hints of oak and vanil...

This absinthe is named after the founder of the Guy Distillery, Armand Guy. The distillery‘ s current CEO, Pierre Guy, who is carrying on the family business in its fourth generation, has been eager to develop new, innovative absinthe products that thi ...

 $110/Liter  $110
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Don Zoilo Sherry is produced by Williams & Humbert in Andalusia, Spain.

Don Zoilo Sherry is produced by Williams & Humbert in Andalusia,Spain. It is made from 100% white grapes, namely “Palomino fino”, a high-yield grape that ripens in September. After the harvest, the grapes are fermented at 28 degre ...

 $22/Liter  $16.50
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