Non-Traditional Absinth

Absinth characterized by high alcohol content or bright colours, or relatively low anise. This absinth is not intended to be the most traditional, rather just for fun: If you are looking for the best absinthe, check out our Authentic Absinthe section, or ask us for advice.

Be careful of websites selling high thujone absinth, or extra strong absinth - the thujone level has nothing to do with the quality, and usually brands which advertise thujone are to be avoided.
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Absinthe Exitus - 50cl

Germany / 89.9%
(4 Reviews)

A strong green absinthe with a strong herbal flavour and notes of anise.

This 'Exitus Absinthe' comes in a 500ml shaped bottle and has one of the highest alcohol contents in our range of absinthes. Unashamedly a novelty absinthe - its strong green colour and the high alcohol content make this absinthe a true eye-catcher. Wi ...

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