Non-Traditional Absinth

Absinth characterized by high alcohol content or bright colours, or relatively low anise. This absinth is not intended to be the most traditional, rather just for fun: If you are looking for the best absinthe, check out our Authentic Absinthe section, or ask us for advice.

Be careful of websites selling high thujone absinth, or extra strong absinth - the thujone level has nothing to do with the quality, and usually brands which advertise thujone are to be avoided.
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Absinthe Exitus - 50cl

Germany / 89.9%
(4 Reviews)

A strong green absinthe with a strong herbal flavour and notes of anise.

This 'Exitus Absinthe' comes in a 500ml shaped bottle and has one of the highest alcohol contents in our range of absinthes. Unashamedly a novelty absinthe - its strong green colour and the high alcohol content make this absinthe a true eye-catcher. Wi ...

 $72/Liter  $36
In stock

Absinthe Bairnsfather Bitter - 1L

Czech Republic / 55%
(25 Reviews)

Very herbaceous, the Bairnsfather Bitter is an entirely natural Czech absinthe.

Very herbaceous, the Bairnsfather Bitter is an entirely natural Czech absinthe. It contains fennel, coriander and other herbs and spices. The absinthe Bairnsfather Bitter is entirely handmade, from the maceration with alco ...

 $51.50/Liter  $51.50
Out of stock

A crystal clear absinth with a strong flavour and notes of anise.

Pure Exitus Blanche is a crystal clear fine Blanche, made without any artificial aromas or colouring. It's 70% make it an unusual Blanche with crisp notes. Unashamedly a novelty absinthe - produced in Germany, this absinth has a herbal-scented flavour. En ...

 $69/Liter  $34.50
Out of stock
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