Non-Traditional Absinth

Absinth characterized by high alcohol content or bright colours, or relatively low anise. This absinth is not intended to be the most traditional, rather just for fun: If you are looking for the best absinthe, check out our Authentic Absinthe section, or ask us for advice.

Be careful of websites selling high thujone absinth, or extra strong absinth - the thujone level has nothing to do with the quality, and usually brands which advertise thujone are to be avoided.
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A handy set with 12 EXITUS absinthe bottles in sample sizes of 50 ml each. This...

This small and easy to transport absinthe selection is the ideal companion on every party. It is the perfect solution if you want to try the different EXITUS absinthes. There are 12 EXITUS absinthe bottles comin ...

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