Organic Absinthe La Fine - Bourgeois Distillery - FR-BIO-01 - 70cl

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The Absinthe La Fine is produced by Bourgeois, an organic distillery in Arçon, France. The small commune is located not far from Pontarlier.

La Fine is a mellow and well-balanced clear absinthe. It has a slightly sweet aroma and a harmonious taste with a subtle bitterness.

Arnaud Bourgeois uses an old recipe and herbs from his own garden for the production of this absinthe.

Along with La Fine, the distillery also produces the La Blanche and the La Verte absinthe.
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    1,45 kg
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    68% vol
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    Bourgeois, Grange de La Mare 25300 ARCON, FR
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    Mix with water before drinking.
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Bourgeois, France

The Bourgeois distillery is located in Arçon, in France, not far from Pontarlier. The couple Arnaud and Anne-Sophie Bourgeois produces three absinthes in their organic distillery: two clear ones and one green absinthe.

They cultivate organic vegetables only and the herbs used for their absinthes are also from 100% organic farming. Among these are grande wormwood, petite wormwood, hyssop and fennel. They only buy the green anise from Mediterranean growing regions.

Arnaud Bourgeois opened his distillery in the beginning of 2015 and got some good tips from DuVallon. The labels were designed with the help of the artist Charles Belle.

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By Rygseck

Added on the : 30/08/2019 English

My impressions after the first glass: A good blanche, having a sufficient but not overpowering Pontarlier/VdT wormwood aroma. The absinthe is balanced herbal content considering both taste and aroma. It has a good louche that is not very spectacular but ends being opaque (but I am a hasty loucher when I am excited about a new absinthe). Instead of looking at the louche forming I'd suggest keeping your nose above the glass because of the emitted aromas during louching. Quite good!

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