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Tasty pastis marying tradition and organic farming.

This pastis is inherited from a long tradition dating back to the 1920s and is the result of the meticulous work and the know-how of the Janot distillery. Is is obtained from a selection of wild organic plants and spices, all very carefully sele ...

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This German Dry Gin is reduced to the basics and contains only 3 botanicals.

Brick Gin doesn’t try to show off with a huge number of botanicals – it is deliberately kept simple. This gin is actually produced with just 3 botanicals: juniper, lemon and cubeb pepper. The latter gives a slight yellow color to this organic gin ...

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Organic gin Kalevala - FI-EKO-301 - 10cl

Finland / 46.3%
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A very mellow organic gin from Finland.

Kalevala gin is made in midst of the Finish nature, in North-Karelia. Its name comes from the 19th century epic poem “The Kalevala”. Juniper plays the main role in this organic, micro-gin. It is complemented by notes of mint, organic raspberry leaf, r ...

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Small-batch Organic Gin distilled in North Karelia, Finland.

Made in the midst of nature. Kalevala Gin is subtly sweet, with piney resiny juniper, and a pleasantly spicy, firey ginger touch to the finish. Organic raspberry leaf, cardamom, mint, rosemary and of course juniper go into this

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An organic, blue gin from Germany.

This gin is blue. How‘s that even possible? The makers of ILLUSIONIST Gin use a flower called „clitoria ternatea“, or blue pea, and grows best in the Far East. The flowers that end up coloring this gin are imported from Thailand. This flowe ...

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