Rum Runoi 5 -8 years - 70cl

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Rum from Finland? Why the…? Why not! Runoi Rum by the Kalevala Distillery in Finland is made from blending two different rums. The first one is imported from Barbados where it was aged in oak caks for five years. The second rum originates in the Dominican Republic and is aged for 8 years, before being shipped to Finland. At the distillery, both rums are diluted from cask strenght to 38.8% abv, using pure Finnish spring water. The diluted blend is then aged again in oak casks before it’s bottled.

The nose is sweet and inviting, and completetly dominated by vanilla. Its taste is much less sweet, and more complex with notes of roasted almonds and candied oranges. The finish leaves your palate with a beautiful taste of chocolate, vanilla, and fresh mango.

This rum is probably more complex than it’s sweet, and there is no added sugar or artificial coloring. Runoi Rum contains 8grams of sugar per liter, which is next to nothing in the universe of rums! The Kalevala distillery is committed to making high quality and natural products without any additives.
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    38.80% vol
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    Kalevala - Northern Lights Spirits Oy, RUOOPVARANTIE 25, 82500 KITEA, FI
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