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An excellent new invention! The exciting combination of Martinique Rum infused w...

The Absinthe Rhum Decollage – Wormwood-infused Rum, is the result of a very successful experiment. The recipe for Absinthe Rhum Decollage was inspired by an academic study performed by Alice Peeters in 1976: “Le petit paysannat Marti ...

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Rum Galibert & Varon - Rhum Martinique 1976 - 70cl

French Overseas Department and Territories / 44%

1976 vintage rum from Martinique.

Rum from Martinique imported by Galibert & Varon. Vintage of 1976.

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Rum Clément - Set Rhum Hors d'Âge 1952 - 70cl

French Overseas Department and Territories / 44%

Grandiose 1952 vintage rum with fig, prune and wood flavours. Exceptionally l...

This exceptional rum is the oldest vintage of the Maison Clément. Distilled in 1952 and bottled in 1991 in very limited quantities, this rum aged for about 30 years in oak casks, before aging for 10 years in wooden tuns at the Habitation Clément. &nb ...

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