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Runa Swedish Vodka Original is distilled from local organic wheat & the purest S...

Scandinavian purity and freshness characterise Runa Vodka Organic Original – handcrafted, small-batch Vodka from Sweden. Only ingredients that are grown regionally and meet Runa's exacting environmental standards make it into Runa vodka. < ...

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Organic Botanicals. Small-batch. Craft-distilled: Exceptional Swedish gin.

The Runa Gin is a small-batch distilled gin, made from meticulously selected organic ingredients. Essential to a gin is the spirit used. The quality of the spirit can make or break a gin. In the case of Runa, because of their expertise with orga ...

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The first ever gin aged in a juniperwood barrel.

Almost all gin used to be Yellow Gin. Before 1861, in England, gin was transported and sold in wooden barrels. As a result, the gin developed a straw yellow color, hence name yellow gin. The longer the gin was stored in the barrel, the more inte ...

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