Scrappy's Bitters

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Sweet and citrussy, typical of cardamom. A complex concentrated flavor experienc...

With a surprisingly sweet tone, the cardamom bitters is dominated at first by a citrus flavor. Afterwards, the spices leave a pleasantly aromatic taste on the palate.Scrappy himself offers a few interesting recipes that use this cardamom bitters, for example Follow ...

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Adds a perfect twist where lemon or orange bitters are usually called for.

These Lime Bitters are outstandingly fresh and create an explosion of lime peels when mixed in a cocktail. This freshness is accompanied by a subtle flavor of various herbs and spices.Scrappy himself offers a few interesting recipes that use his Lime Bitters, for e ...

 $166.50/Liter  $25
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Particularly useful for sweet cocktails where a floral note is desired. A must h...

The strong lavender aroma, first registered by the palate, is then continuously lighter as it mixes with the strong spicy aromas and a light earthy tone. The flavor profile is grounded by a bitter but sweet aftertaste. Scrappy himself offers a few interesting reci ...

 $166.50/Liter  $25
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