Sensatonics is a business that produces their products in Berlin, since 1992 producing herbal bitters and herbal spirits. They also place a lot of value in ecological and social sustainability, therefore only using ingredients with a bio-certification and Fair-Trade products. Additionally, the producers engage directly in protecting the rain forest.
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Protectonic has been created based on the teachings of Chinese herbalism and Hil...

Protectonic is a tonic whose recipe Sensatonics modeled after the teachings of Chinese botany as well as Hildegard von Bingen. In the tincture with 32% ABV you can find aromas and active ingredients of real Solomon's seal, verbena, gingko, ...

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Looking for an invigorating boost? The botanicals used in Cerebrotonic are well...

With a combination of the essences of cola nut, ginkgo, ginseng, green tea, guaraná, and taiga root, Cerebrotonic certainly clears the head. The tincture encourages mental fitness, but one can clearly also refine long drinks, cockta ...

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