Set 3 x Absinthe Exitus - 50cl

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  • 1 absinthe Exitus - 50cl
  • 1 absinthe Pure Exitus - 50cl
  • 1 absinthe Red Exitus - 50cl
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This 'Exitus Absinthe' comes in a 500ml shaped bottle and has one of the highest alcohol contents in our range of absinthes.

Unashamedly a novelty absinthe - its strong green colour and the high alcohol content make this absinthe a true eye-catcher.

With its 89.9% alcohol strength, this Absinthe is strong! Produced in Germany, this absinthe has a herbal-scented flavour. Because this Absinthe is unsweetened, it is ideal for the famous Absinthe ritual.

Definitely an eye-catcher on every party!
Pure Exitus Blanche is a crystal clear fine Blanche, made without any artificial aromas or colouring. It's 70% make it an unusual Blanche with crisp notes. Unashamedly a novelty absinthe - produced in Germany, this absinth has a herbal-scented flavour.

Enjoy Pure Exitus in Cocktails, or ice cold diluted with water after the French ritual.
The Exitus Red is for everyone who enjoys the flavour of absinth, but isn't a big fan of anise. Unashamedly a novelty absinth - its strong red colour makes this absinth a true eye-catcher.

Enjoy Exitus Red in cocktails or other mixed drinks – this absinth is ideal for parties and for experimenting with various flavours. Its 55% add a subtle crisp note to any drink.
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    1 absinthe Exitus - 50cl
  • 1 absinthe Pure Exitus - 50cl
  • 1 absinthe Red Exitus - 50cl
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    3 kg
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    Fox Spirits, Franz-Kirrmeier-Str. 19, 67346 Speyer, DE
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    Contains artificial colouring
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    Mix with water before drinking
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By fabián esteban

Added on the : 17/05/2017 English

this bottles are good for buyers who look for drink in big groups, nevertheless they are not sure about buy them thinking that they have 50CL instead 1 lt or 70 Cl.

By Lestor

Added on the : 16/01/2017 English

as a set they make a nice shelf display , the pure is yellowish to pink , not clear as depicted or described not what i hoped for , a dissapointing purchase .

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