Set Absinthe des Chats 70cl + La Feline 70cl - 1.4L

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Get the whole La Maison des Chats family: Absinthe des Chats and La Feline!

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Absinthe des Chats is a very mellow and refreshing Swiss absinthe. Distilled after an original „Bleue“ recipe dating back to the 1860s, its exceptionally sweet and light character differentiates this absinthes from other Val-de-Travers absinthes. Its recipe includes 14 herbs and plants. Six of them are cultivated by distiller Kevin Nebel in his garden outside the disitllery, wormwood, anise and fennel among them.

The herbs are dried in the attic for at least two years before they are used to make absinthe des Chats. Distiller Kevin Nebel uses a 30l copper still by a company called “Georges Matthey Claudet” that used to produce stills especially for absinthe distillation before the absinthe ban in Switzerland. Since this is such a small still, you can certainly talk about “small batch distillation” here.

Read the Tasting notes for the Absinthe des Chats here.

Kevin Nebel’s distillery is located in Boveresse in the Val-de-Travers, which is the birth place of absinthe. First, Mr Nebel started re-cultivating some of fields in front of the old, historic house. After that, he turned an old cellar in a nice little distillery and prepared the attic for the drying of their essential herbs. Usinf old techniques and recipes, yet adding a young, inventive spirit to the making of this absinthe is an ideal combination, we think.
Absinthe Feline is the second Absinthe produced by Kevin Nebel, in the historic building La Maison des Chats in Boveresse, which gives the absinthe its name.

This verte is very mild despite the high alcohol content of 72% and it has slight sweetness. Absinthe Feline is produced in very small quantities only. Kevin distills the absinthe in sync with the moon, once every 2 months.

All the tools and methods used are absolutely traditional and antique, down to the scales used to weigh the herbs. The absinthe is based on a recipe from 1880 and Kevin uses herbs from the Maison du Chat's own herb garden.

If you store this absinthe for a couple of months, it will develop a light almond taste and a nice sweetness.

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    1 Absinthe des Chats
  • 1 Absinthe La Feline
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    2,71 kg
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    RUEVERTE GmbH, Herrgasse 3, 79294 Sölden, DE
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    Mix with water before drinking.
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