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With this set you get a bottle of Absinthe des Poètes and Absinthe des Poètes Verte, produced by Christophe Racine in the Val-de-Travers in Switzerland.
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This absinthe is the green sister of Absinthe des Poètes from Christophe Racine.

Absinthe des Poètes Verte is distilled according to an original recipe from 1903. It has a complex herbal note and a subtle sweetness, that comes from the licorice.

This absinthe is produced in the birthplace of absinthe, the Val-de-Travers. Christophe Racine was a former clandestine distiller, like many Swiss absinthe distillers were before absinthe got legalized in 2005. Today, he produces handmade absinthes in his distillery in Môtiers.

Absinthe des Poètes Verte was awarded the silver medal at the Distisuisse 2015-2016 and 2017-2018.
Absinthe des Poètes is a top quality Swiss La Bleue.

It has an excellent taste and was awarded a gold medal at the “DistiSuisse 2015/2016”. This competition honors the best spirits from Switzerland.

This aromatic absinthe is produced by Christophe Racine in Môtiers according to an original recipe from 1903. Christophe pays particular attention to the use of herbs grown in the region, in order to guarantee a perfect balance of taste and aroma.

The Absinthe des Poetes has a strong aniseed flavor that is rounded off by a pleasant herbal aroma.
The taste is characterized by some typical aromatic and flowery notes that you can expect from a great Swiss Bleue. Next to the holy trinity of absinthe, you can find notes of licorice, peppermint, orange and lemon in this absinthe. It has a pleasant finish and a perfect balance between anise and a slight bitterness.

This delicious absinthe more than deserves its gold medal!

Discover the tasting notes of L'Absinthe des Poètes here.
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    1 Absinthe des Poètes Verte
  • 1 Absinthe des Poètes
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    3,3 kg
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    RUEVERTE GmbH, Herrgasse 3, 79294 Sölden, DE
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    Mix with water before drinking.

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