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With this set you get both absinthes from the Svensk Absint distillery from Sweden.

Grön Opal and Vit Opal are made with wild-foraged grand wormwood and they rested for at least three months in barrels before bottling.

These two absinthes are exclusively available on

Discover the tasting notes of absinthe expert Marc Thuillier over on our blog.
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The Grön Opal absinthe (Swedish for Green Opal) is made according to a French recipe from the 19th century.

For several years, the two distillers from Svensk Absint have worked on making the perfect recipe and finding the ideal sources of herbs. We are delighted to offer you the Grön Opal and the Vit Opal, exclusively on

The Grön Opal is characterised by its intense and fruity Swedish wormwood.

The secret of this absinthe's complex and delicious taste is due to the distillers' choice to take the highest quality herbs, without compromising:

It means going out in the countryside looking for wild-growing grand wormwood.

It means taking the time to grow lemon-balm, hyssop and roman wormwood in their own garden.

It means meticulously finding the finest sources of plants that grow in hotter climates, like anise and fennel.

Before bottling, the absinthe is rested at least three months in barrels, so that its flavour smooths out. As most of the work requires intense manual effort, and a lot of time, only small batches of this absinthe are produced.

Discover the tasting notes of absinthe expert Marc Thuillier over on our blog.

In its tasting notes, Markus Hartsmar, from, has high praise for Grön Opal too:

Aroma: subtle notes of green anise and melissa.
Louche: develops slowly and steadily, very thick and creamy.
Taste: pleasant mouth feel, perfect harmony between wormwood, anise and fennel.

The two distillers, Mikael Norell and Tomas Runnquist
The Vit Opal Absinthe (White Opal) is made by the Swedish distillery Svensk Absint and is the first white absinthe to come out of Sweden.

The distillers place incredible importance on using only the finest plants available to them. In many cases they decided they could do better than using commercial herb sources, and so either forage wild herbs, or grow them themselves in the distillery's herb garden. Along with the plants that are also used to make Grön Opal, Vit Opal contains some additional plants. The exact recipe naturally remains a closely guarded secret.

This absinthe is characterised by the use of grand-wormwood, which is foraged in specific areas of Sweden where it can be found growing wild. The wormwood plants are harvested sustainably, ensuring there is enough left for future years. The amount of absinthe bottles the distillers can produce depends on the amount of wormwood they harvest during the summer.

A creamy and full-bodied taste sets Vit Opal apart from other blanche absinthes, although it does have a slight Swiss La Bleue-ish aspect to it, along with a hint of camomile and a slight touch of lemon grass. Definitely one of the best Blanche absinthes on the market!

Discover the tasting notes by absinthe expert Marc Thuillier at our blog.

An excerpt from Markus Hartsmar's tasting note on

Aroma: strong notes of fruits and plants (wormwood, fennel and anise).
Louche: starts at once, beautiful and strong, very thick, milky white.
Taste: creamy, well-balanced.

The Vit Opal, together with the Grön Opal are available exclusively from We are delighted to offer you this unique Blanche!

The two distillers, Mikael Norell and Tomas Runnquist
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    1 Absinthe Grön Opal
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    Svensk Absint, Yxsta 323, 70591 Örebro, SE
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    Mix with water before drinking.

Svensk Absint, Sweden

The Svensk Absinth Distillery is a small distillery in Örebrom, Sweden. It was founded by Mikael Norell and Tomas Runnquist in 2009.

After several years of hard work and many distillation tests, the two friends put their first two absinthes on the market: the Vit Opal and the Grön Opal. The Vit Opal (White Opal) is the first Blanche absinthe ever produced in Sweden. Every step in the production is done by hand: from the growing and harvesting of the best plants to the bottling and the labelling.

The Svensk Absinthe Distillery focuses on small batches made with high quality selected ingredients, that both friends harvest by hand. Almost all plants come from the distillery's herb garden: roman wormwood (Artemisia pontica), melissa, hyssop and many other ingredients, carefully picked by hand. This allows a better control of the plants' quality. The high quality is particularly important to Mikael and Tomas, which explains why they spend the largest part of their time in the herb garden.

The grand-wormwood, one of absinthe's most important ingredients, is not cultivated, but rather foraged from the wild. It is only found in certain locations in Sweden. The amount of absinthe they can produce depends on how much wormwood they harvest in August. After the harvest, the absinthe is brought back home and hung up for drying in the distillery's attic for one year. The aroma of these two absinthes is particularly intense and fragrant. The distiller himself says that this wormwood is of much better quality than any cultivated ones.

The distillation takes place in a 125l still, filled only to 90l. After the distillation, the absinthe is stocked in barrels for at least three months before being bottled, to ensure a rounded flavour.

Ecological thinking is very important to Mikael and Tomas: they are careful to respect nature when growing their herbs and foraging their wormwood, and a large array of solar panels provides the distillery with power.

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By Mom

Added on the : 15/01/2020 English

Purchased for my son, an absinthe devotee. He was thrilled at the opportunity to enjoy both a green and white from the same distillery.

By Feddooh

Added on the : 08/09/2017 English

Two of the best absinthes I've ever tasted, truly! Worth way more than you pay!

By max

Added on the : 07/09/2017 English

Loved the blanc...very smooth and oily. Amazing on the nose... mixed about 1:3(water)

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