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  • 1 Absinthe La Ptite - 50ml
  • 1 Absinthe St. Antoine - 50ml
  • 1 Absinthe Angélique Verte Suisse - 50ml
  • 1 Absinthe Roquette 1797 - 50ml
  • 1 Absinthe Blanchette - 50ml
  • 1 Absinthe Eichelberger 78 - 50ml
  • 2 spoons Etoile sur Feuille

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This absinthe spoon has a leaf-shaped head and is decorated with 10 stars.

This spoon fits perfectly in one of our hardcover spoon boxes, available in black and green.

  • Handle : Flat, with a curved bend.
  • Head : A large central vein end into a little hole at the bottom of the head.

    It is interesting to note that when a vein is large, it often ends into a little hole so that the sweet water can run through completely.

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By Frank

Added on the : 21/02/2014

This was a gift. It arrived in short order and was very well received. Thanks to Miriam for her assistance.

By Sugah

Added on the : 20/10/2010

Beautiful set, with a wonderful variety of absinthes. Spoons are very pretty. Packaging is lovely.

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