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All top-three medal winners from the Absinthiades Concourse 2011, in the Verte (Green) category. This competition is held each year in Pontarlier, France. Once having had the largest number of absinthe distilleries in the world, Pontarlier is considered the world centre of absinthe.

The absinthes entered into the Absinthiades competition are all judged by three juries, a professional group; VIPs; and one composed of members of the public.
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  • 1 absinthe Vélo - Grand Gold, Absinthiades 2011
  • 1 absinthe La Pontissalienne - Gold, Absinthiades 2011
  • 1 absinthe Grande Absente - Silver, Absinthiades 2011

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Description of the products

Le Vélo is a distilled absinthe with natural green colouring.

Winner of the top prize at the 2011 Absinthiades competition.
Absinthe La Pontissalienne comes from the Guy distillery, with a long history of absinthe making.

With medium anise and a more complex and powerful wormwood profile than Absinthe Francois Guy, made by the same distillery.

The Pontissalienne name comes from an old brand of absinthe from before the ban on absinthe in France. The famous Vichet distillery made an absinthe under the same name.

This absinthe won a gold medal at the 2011 Absinthiades competition and at the Concours Général Agricole (CGA) 2017 in Paris.
The Grande Absente is the new version of Absente, reintroducing wormwood to create a true absinthe.

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