Set Belle Epoque 4 taps & 4 Versailles Glasses & 4 Feuille II Spoons

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  • 1 Fountain Belle Epoque II - 4 taps
  • 4 Glasses Versailles
  • 4 Spoons Feuille II

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This magnificent ornamental absinthe fountain is a perfect reproduction of one from the 1900s.

A handmade glass reservoir sits on top of four taps in a classical rounded trefoil shape, and the lid is decorated with an acorn. Entirely made of solid brass, with the exception of the glass reservoir, of course.

Placing your glass underneath, slowly dripping chilled water into your absinthe takes you right back to the Belle Epoque.

These fountains are hand made using traditional techniques, just as they were during the Belle Epoque. With the traditional brass casting and plating used, this can mean slight grazes or imperfections in the finish.

And in the case of traditionally crafted glass, the result is a beautiful antique-looking effect with small air bubbles and lines, as opposed to the flat and featureless finish of modern machine production.

When using these fountains it's easy to find yourself forgetting what century you are in! Louche yourself an absinthe and imagine yourself transported back 150 years to a Parisian street café!

We individually test each fountain before it leaves HQ to ensure everything fits together and there are no leaks.

absinthe ritual
This absinthe glass is decorated in a Baroque style. The level to which the absinthe should be poured is indicated with a line, for a perfect proportioning.

These glasses go very nicely with the "Versailles" carafe.
One of the most beautiful spoons from the Belle Epoque. Intertwined wormwood leaves and a curled ribbon form the design of this absinthe spoon, a reproduction of the Les Feuilles d'Absinthe spoon from around the turn of the century.

This spoon fits perfectly in one of our hardcover spoon boxes, available in black and green.

  • Handle : A wonderful smooth curve, with a beautiful Art Nouveau rounded motif.
  • Head : Flat, with beautiful leaf lattice. The edges are curled up in places, preventing the sugar from falling off.

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By vedebe

Added on the : 17/02/2017 French

très bel objet de bonne qualité bien stable la fontaine était très bien emballée ainsi que les verres. Malgré tout il y avait un verre de cassé dans le colis comme quoi avec toutes ces précautions ça peut arriver

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