Set Blanche Neige & Tarragona Glass and Dripper & Sugar - 50cl

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Enjoy one of the most popular Swiss absinthes with this set: Absinthe Blanche Neige. In addition, you get a handmade absinthe glass, a perfect matching absinthe dripper, as well as a sachet of absinthe sugar.

With its elegant beige gift box, this set makes for a great gift.

Absinthe Blanche Neige Set
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Blanche Neige won the gold medal at the Absinthiades 2014.

The fairest absinthe of them all...

Our aim is always to share with you the finest of spirits. We've taken this dedication a step further by developing our own range of fine spirits. All of these spirits are absolute classics, some of them also taking tradition and giving it a slight twist!

We are proud to present the first of these very special beverages.

Absinthe Blanche Neige is in every sense of the word a classic: everything from the recipe, to the distiller, and the village where it is distilled.

When commissioning Blanche Neige, we only considered a select few of the finest absinthe distillers alive today to be up to the task. It was very soon clear that the cream of the crop was Gaudentia Persoz, one of the world's most talented absinthe distillers, and who has achieved great success with her own absinthes.

The recipe is based on an antique recipe from the private archive of a family steeped deeply in the tradition of absinthe: that of Gaudentia's husband, Jean-Michel Persoz. This makes a classic clear La Bleue absinthe.

What makes Blanche Neige that extra bit different is a precious and priceless ingredient, the root of a plant renowned for its aromatic qualities. Only found in the Alps, this herb, known as génépi, grows wild in the Alpine hills around the Haute-Alpes. Gaudentia was thrilled to experiment with génépi, finding the perfect amount to suit the historic recipe.

It took us 6 full trial distillations in total to finally be satisfied with the result, and tweak the recipe used. This distiller's proof edition of Blanche Neige is the first batch available for your tasting pleasure.

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Colour: Clear, with a very subtle yellow-greenish hue, hinting at rich herbs.

Aroma: Suggests the scent of an Alpine meadow carried on the breeze. Fruity and with a feminine aspect.

Louche: Builds pleasingly steadily, turning Blanche Neige evenly opaque; white without becoming chalky. Take care to add water slowly.

Taste: Well balanced. A sweet touch on the tongue, accessibly subtle anise, and pleasant light touches of bitterness from grand wormwood and génépi.

Finish: Very smooth, silky on the palate. A finish of reasonable length, with some sweet hints remaining. Further glasses remain interesting without becoming overpowering. Will interest seasoned connoisseurs and beginners alike.
Discover the tasting notes of absinthe expert Marc Thuillier here.

As used by famous writer and notorious absinthe drinker Ernest Hemingway, during his time in Spain in the twenties (see image).

Tarragona glasses on table. Ernest Hemingway and others at a restaurant table in Pamplona, Spain, summer 1926. Left to right at table, Gerald Murphy, Sara Murphy, Pauline Pfeiffer, Ernest Hemingway and Hadley Hemingway. (Image courtesy of Ernest Hemingway Collection/John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston.)

Hand made in Europe by artisan glass makers! A faithful reproduction of the absinthe glasses that became popular in Spain in the 1920s to 30s. Following the absinthe ban in France, some absinthe producers including Pernod moved absinthe production over to Tarragona in Spain, where absinthe was - and still is - legal. This created demand for locally-produced absinthe glasses and drippers. This kind of absinthe glass and dripper is nowadays referred to as the Tarragona style.

The techniques used to make our absinthe glasses are historically accurate, being handmade by skilled glass-blowers. Small air bubbles or imperfections in the glass are proof of this time honoured technique.

If you are used to reproductions of earlier absinthe drippers, the hole might seem large to you, meaning the water flows quite quickly. If you want to take things a bit more slowly, a trick among absintheurs in the know who often prefer their absinthe without sugar is to place a glass marble in the bottom of the dripper.

Infamous American author Ernest Hemingway is known to have enjoyed drinking absinthe in the north of Spain starting in the 1920s. There is a photo of him using a Tarragona absinthe glass, in Pamplona where he is known to have taken part in the running of the bulls, where bulls are released onto the streets, and people who wish to are allowed to run along with the charging bulls: At their own risk!

In Hemingway's book 'For Whom the Bell Tolls', set during the Spanish Civil war. The book's main character, an American guerilla fighter, takes solace in absinthe, described as 'liquid alchemy', which reminds him of a happier time in his life spent in Paris.

How to use an absinthe dripper.
Much more convenient than a carafe, an absinthe dripper, or in French, brouille-absinthe, lets you add iced water and sugar to your absinthe without water splashing everywhere, and it has the advantage of being very compact. To use a dripper, pour a measure of absinthe into your glass. Set the dripper on top of the glass. Place a sugar cube in the bottom of the dripper, fill the dripper with ice cubes, and then fill up the dripper with water. Enjoy the cloudy louche forming in the absinthe in your glass. Add 3-6 parts water for one part absinthe.

If you are looking for either part of this set individually, please take a look here: Tarragona Absinthe Glass, Tarragona Absinthe Dripper.

Approximately 15cm tall, 8cm diameter.

If you are looking for a larger handmade glass, check out the Tarragona glass' big sister: the Grande Pontarlier Glass.
Sugar isn't always the same - some sugar cubes you can buy at your local super market may have been pressed together too tightly, and won't easily dissolve when you drip water over them.

This is why these sugar cubes are ideal for the French ritual - especially made for the preparation of absinthe, they start to dissolve immediately when water is dripped over them.

This set includes 17 packs with 2 sugar cubes contained in each of them, this should enable you to have the sugar last for a whole bottle of absinthe.
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Gaudentia Persoz, Suisse

Gaudentia one of the first female distillers. She is young, and passionate about absinthe, and distills with an historic recipe from 1898, that she found, along with a small alambic, when she and her husband purchased their house in Couvet, Switzerland.

The distillery is a member of the “Les Artisans de l'Absinthe” association – it's most popular absinthe: La P'tite. Gaudentia's husband Jean-Michel is responsible for Marketing and Sales of thei products, and together these two people form an unbeatable team.

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By Andrew

Added on the : 09/05/2019 English

From the depths of a place called Missouri I would like to thank for this fantastic Blanche neige Tarragona glass and dripper everything was delivered perfect and enjoyed almost immediately!!! Thanks absinthe'!!

By Debra

Added on the : 15/02/2019 English

Nice gift. But then this is one of my favorite absinthes, so I kept it for myself. I don't use the sugar cubes in absinthe, but they're sure nice for using in my tea!

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