Set Carafe & 2 Pontarlier Glasses - high quality & 2 Spoons Croix II

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This set is the perfect kit for the traditional absinthe ritual. It features one absinthe Carafe, 2 high-quality Pontarlier Glasses. As well as 2 Croix II Spoons.

Packed in a classic beige box (not the black one shown on the photo), this set is the perfect gift for your loved ones!

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  • 1 Vintage Carafe
  • 2 Pontarlier Glasses high quality
  • 2 Croix II Spoons

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Description of the products

This water carafe for absinthe has been specially commissioned by

A reproduction of an absinthe carafe from over 100 years ago, the small spout or beak allows for exact control over the drip, making it possible to get the perfect louche, to an even greater degree than with an absinthe fountain! Its shape, designed specifically for preparing absinthe, allows for fine control of the water flow without spilling water or ice.

We have gone through a painstaking prototyping process to ensure the carafes were just the right size and shape, and we are thrilled with the final result. It's hard to imaging using any other carafe now.

Handblown glass, made by artisans in Europe. The finest absinthe carafe available anywhere.

Pictured with our exclusive bubble reservoir absinthe glass

This absinthe glass is a new edition of the most classic glasses of the XIXth century. It is entirely made with mouth blown glass. It is also well-known through the paintings of Charles Maire, a famous artist of the Belle Epoque.

Entirely handmade, it is a very elegant classic glass.
This spoon is inspired by an ancient ''Croix'' model from the Belle Époque.

It is decorated with 8 crosses and 18 stretched holes.

This spoon is the perfect choice for the traditional absinthe ritual.

This spoon fits perfectly in one of our hardcover spoon boxes, available in black and green.

  • Handle : Round with a curved fold.
  • Head : A curvy shape, with a very thin fold by way of vein. The sides are folded up straight.

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By Tast-e-Crazee

Added on the : 30/01/2019 English

The glasses and spoons were what I expected, but the carafe does NOT drip slow...The water runs down the carafe and makes a mess.

By Geppo

Added on the : 22/12/2017 English

Concerning the glasses and the carafe you can definitely tell they're handmade. Whether this is a good thing or not it's up to the singular customer. I mean it's not as perfect as a non-handmade product but the glass is thin and the bottle is functional. Concerning the spoons nothing in particular to saybe, great quality.
In any case buying from absinthes.con is always a good deal.

By G Harvey

Added on the : 25/12/2016 English

Nice quality. Bought as a gift and all pieces are very well made.

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