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As with our Spanish style Pontarlier glass, this absinthe glass has a pan-European history. Based on the Pontarlier glass from the France-Comté region in France, which was the capital of absinthe making back in the day. After absinthe was banned in France, the Pernod company, an enterprise producing impressively large amounts of absinthe (Pernod's factories in Pontarlier would have been producing a large proportion of their daily absinthe production - 30,000 litres back in their heyday), moved to Tarragona in Spain. The production of absinthe in Spain led to the demand for locally produced absinthe glasses, like this one, and the Tarragona absinthe glass with dripper, and this Pontarlier absinthe glass without facets.

This glass is larger than any other absinthe glasses we sell, exactly how it was when first made back at the start of the 20th century. It is still made with the same glass-blowing mould from back then.

Very useful for absinthe tastings with close friends, if you prefer for absinthe with more water than average, or if you want to have more air space in the top of the glass to let the aromas of your absinthe develop more than other glasses permit.

These glasses have been made and finished by hand, not machines! As with all handmade absinthe glasses, there is a certain amount of variation, and the glass may have slight bumps or air bubbles trapped in it. This is a sign of traditional craftsmanship rather than mass production. They are all beautiful and unique originals. These glasses are very enjoyable to drink from and have a pleasing weight in the hand.

A historical curiosity, and very much a practical absinthe glass suited for every day use too.

The dripper which comes with the Grande Pontarlier Glass fits it perfectly. Much more convenient than a carafe, an absinthe dripper, or in French, brouille-absinthe, lets you add iced water and sugar to your absinthe without water splashing everywhere, and it has the advantage of being very compact. To use a dripper, pour a measure of absinthe into your glass. Set the dripper on top of the glass. Place a sugar cube in the bottom of the dripper, fill the dripper with ice cubes, and then fill up the dripper with water. Enjoy the cloudy louche forming in the absinthe in your glass. Add 3-6 parts water for one part absinthe. If you are used to reproductions of earlier absinthe drippers, the hole might seem large to you, meaning the water flows quite quickly. If you want to take things a bit more slowly, a trick among absintheurs in the know who often prefer their absinthe without sugar is to place a glass marble in the bottom of the dripper.

If you are looking for either part of this set individually, please take a look here: Grand Pontarlier Glass, Grand Pontarlier Dripper.

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  • 1 Grand Pontarlier Absinthe Glass
  • 1 Dripper for Grand Pontarlier Glass
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Description of the products

An large and attractive absinthe glass, of a kind originally made in Spain during the 1920s and 30s.

For a complete description, see the Grand Pontarlier Glass and Dripper set, where the glass comes complete with a matching absinthe dripper.
An large and attractive absinthe dripper, of a kind originally made in Spain during the 1920s and 30s.

For a complete description, see the Grand Pontarlier Glass and Dripper set.

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By xtofer

Added on the : 16/10/2019 English

Drips too fast. Had to add a small bead to rest on the hole to slow down the water.

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