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  • 1 Absinthe Green Velvet Verte
  • 1 Absinthe Green Velvet Blanche
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Green Velvet VAL. 340 — Fée Verte is an absinthe distilled just as it has been for generations. It gets its distinctive tangy flavour and its glowing green colour from the
herbs of Jura and the spring water of Val-de-Travers. Aniseed, fennel and a dash of lemon balm cause Green Velvet VAL. 340 to softly melt in your mouth – elegant and herbal at the same time. It is traditionally enjoyed with iced spring water.

Colour: Tender bright lime green.

Louche: An authentic slow build up, which unexpectedly turns into a soft green dense fog.

Aroma: Wormwood, aniseed and coriander mixed with fruity spices.

Taste: Bitterly sweet wormwood, followed by a powerful symbiosis of aniseed and fruity herbs from the misty Val-de-Travers.

Finish: A spicy bittersweet combination, which yet leaves a pleasant velvet-smooth and sweet taste on the palate.

"Simply amazing!" - Armin Azadpour, Chef de Bar, Grande Zürich
Green Velvet VAL. 275 – La Bleue is as clear as the pure spring water from which it is made. The hand-picked herbs from the region lend it the original smooth absinthe
taste with a subtle hint of liquorice. This combination is ideal for the world of
cocktails. Mild and discreet, Green Velvet VAL. 275 lends its unique flavour to any drink.

Degustation Notes by Gaudentia Persoz

Colour: Crystal clear.

Louche: Fast and foggy like a smooth bright veil.

Aroma: Aniseed and wormwood are harmoniously integrated into the taste of liquorice with a hint of lemon balm.

Taste: The pleasant taste of liquorice immersed in aniseed is followed by a hint of fresh lemon balm, unfolding into the essence of wormwood and star aniseed.

Finish: The freshness of the lemon balm as the major component imparts a short and yet a piquant aftertaste that leaves a soft bitterness on the palate.

"This is simply one of the best absinthes, and an enrichment for the world of cocktails." - Armin Azadpour, Chef de Bar, Grande Zürich
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    1 Absinthe Green Velvet Verte
  • 1 Absinthe Green Velvet Blanche
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By icandi

Added on the : 09/01/2014 English

First time Absinthe - wasn't sure if I would like since I do not care for Anise. The wormwood was strong at first but pleasant. Anise had a faded taste first few sips then got stronger in comparison to wormwood. Wished wormwood stayed the stronger flavor. Lemon balm was very light throughout. This was for the Blache. Haven't opened the green yet.

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