Set Le Gin & Le Gin Calvados Cask Finish - 1.4L

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This set includes a bottle of Le Gin and a bottle of Le Gin Gin Calvados Cask Finish.

  • 1 x Le Gin
  • 1 x Le Gin Calvados Cask Finish
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Drouin is mainly known for their excellent Calvados which has been produced by the family for 3 generations. Now Guillaume Drouin has developed his first gin, the Le Gin.

Le Gin is definitely not a classic gin. It is produced from cider and 8 different botanicals. Among these botanicals are juniper, ginger from Brazil, vanilla from Madagascar, lemon, cardamom, cinnamon from Indonesia, almonds and roses. Each botanical is distilled separatelybefore being blended.

The particularity in the production of Le Gin is that the base spirit is made from apples!

The base spirit is distilled from 30 different cider apple varieties, coming from the orchards of the Drouin family. The cider apples were selected carefully, so that sweet, sour and bitter types were used.

The apples are harvested in autumn from the fruit orchards and are ground and pressed afterwards. The resulting must ferments slowly during winter and is then distilled 2 times in 3 small copper pot stills. The resulting cider forms the basis for the gin. 

The unique apple aroma of Le Gin harmonizes perfectly with juniper and the aromas of the other botanicals. Lemon gives this gin a certain freshness and ginger gives it a gentle spice. The fruity notes are enhanced by cardamom.

Le Gin Calvados Cask Finish is based on the famous Le Gin from Christian Drouin that came onto the market in 2015.

30 varieties of cider apples from Normandy, as well as 8 different botanicals from the basis for this gin. Each botanical is distilled separately before being blended. Right after the distillation, the Le Gin is aged for more than 6 months in former 10-year-old Calvados casks.

Ageing the gin has resulted in a yellow colour and intense notes of apples that harmonise wonderfully with the juniper. It has also given Le Gin more complexity and smoothness.

A very special gin!

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