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The Set Libertine 72 is ideal to prepare your absinthe in a traditional way, according to the classic ritual. Its 2 glasses and 2 spoons will enable you to share this experience with a close relative or a friend: absinthe tasting has always been a pleasant moment.

Libertine 72 Intense was awarded the gold medal at the international competition in Lyon in 2019.

To discover absinthe or introduce somebody to it !
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Libertine 72 is fine and powerful. Its balance and its various plants make it a ideal companion to discover absinthe.

Libertine 72 Intense was awarded the gold medal at the international competition in Lyon in 2019.

It is the sister of Libertine 55, with a higher alcohol content, but also, due to its complexity, very different to the first version.
Produced according to a recipe from last century (1894), Libertine 72 is an authentic absinthe.
It is entirely made with plants and seeds. Its colour is 100% natural.
In its composition are included mainly grand wormwood, green anise, star anise, liquorice, fennel, coriander, Melissa, hyssop and veronica.
Libertine 72 has the particularity of having been produced from a distilled blend (each plant macerates and is then distilled individually before blending)

An excellent absinthe for bitterness amateurs!

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Added on the : 17/05/2013 English

Used this set as an introduction to absinthe. the set itself is great for a newcomer like myself.
I was pleasently surprised by the Libertine 72 Absinthe: Upon opening the bottle the initial fragrance is undescribable then once the anise is picked out it becomes very dominant, oddly to me no real alcohol smell.
Now being new to the bitterness it took a second to appreciate the flavors that are inside this bottle but after a few sips I start to notice the complexity of the different herbal infusions, though for my taste I needed a little extra sugar, also no real alcohol taste. definetly a good starter set.

By thienpont jm

Added on the : 21/02/2009 English

A good set for an introduction, with all you need to savour a very correct absinthe that was awarded a price at the Absinthiades.
A must-have,
Enjoy !

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