Set Nikka Whisky - Yoichi, from the barrel, Pure Malt & Coffey Malt - 2.4L

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This set includes 4 different Japanese Nikka Whiskeys:

- Nikka Yoichi Single Malt
- Nikka from the barrel
- Nikka Pure Malt
- Nikka Coffey Malt
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  • 1 Nikka Yoichi Single Malt
  • 1 Nikka from the barrel
  • 1 Nikka Pure Malt
  • 1 Nikka Coffey Malt
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A Japanese Single Malt by the renowned Nikka distillery. Yoichi Single Malt is aged in various casks (bourbon, sherry, new oak casks) to obtain its complex and inviting profile.

Aroma: Dried fruit, smooth and round, slightly salty and a little smokey. Citrus, spices and licorice round up the aroma.

Taste: Dried fruits that come along rather sweet, followed by peaty notes and more herbal hints toward the finish.
Nippon, Japan. Usually, one would not connect this location with the craft of making whiskey. But first experiments with distilling whiskies in Japan can be traced back into the 1870s! In recent years, Japanese whiskies have become more and more popular across the globe, especially in Europe.

Nikka From The Barrel Blended Whisky is a popular representative for the Japanese art of blending whisky. The Nikka brand owns two distilleries in Japan: one is located on the north island Hokkaido near the Yoichi river (the Yoichi distillery), the second one is located on the opposite side, the southern island Kyushu (the Miyagikyo distillery). To create Nikka From The Barrel Blended Whisky, the distillers use many different whiskies from both locations. The blend then rests in oak casks for three to six months.

Due to its unique blending technique and variety of whiskies used for this blend, Nikka From The Barrel Blended Whisky offers various aromas: cloves, cinnamon, raspberry, oranges, walnuts and a hint of minty sherry.

Nikka From The Barrel Blended Whisky was awarded gold and a trophy at the "International Spirit Challenge 2015" in the category best international blend.

A very tasteful, minimalistic bottle and label design remind of a luxurious perfume, rather than whisky. This bottle comes with a box, making this whisky the ideal present for whisky lovers.

With coloring.
The Japanese Whisky Nikka Pure Malt Black is a blended malt, produced from Single Malts from the 2 distilleries Yoichi and Miyagikyo. The major part comes from the Yoichi distillery.

This Japanese whiskey offers aromas of nuts, honey and a light smoke. The taste is characterized by notes of vanilla, plums, coffee, dried fruits and an even more intense smoky flavor. This smokiness is reminiscent of Islay Whisky.

This whisky from Nikka is a great choice for beginners who want to immerse themselves in the world of Japanese whiskies.

Whisky expert Jim Murray scored the batches of Nikka Pure Malt with 95 points (out of 100 possible) in his "Whisky Bible".

With coloring.

NIKKA Coffey Malt Whisky is produced at the Miyagikyo distillery in Japan. This distillery is located on the southern island Kyushu and it is Nikka's second distillery, alongside Yoichi.

This whisky is named Coffey malt because of the Coffey stills that are used for the production. This type of still, named after its inventor Aeneas Coffey, revolutionized spirits production worldwide roughly two centuries ago, as it enables continuous distillation, and stronger alcohol output (compared to pot stills and batch distillation). Usually only grain whiskys, used in blended whisky, are produced in Coffey stills, because usually a lighter tasting product comes out of the still. Since 1999 the Miyagikyo distillery has two coffey stills from Glasgow.

Nikka have experimented and gained great experience with Coffey stills, enabling them to distill malt whisky in this type of still and obtain a very flavorful product: Nikka Coffey Malt Whiskey, made from 100% barley malt.

The aroma is characterized by nuts, tropical fruits and vanilla. Notes of grilled banana, white chocolate, orange and tropical fruits can be found in the taste.

Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky has been awarded Japanese whisky of the Year 2018 and Single Malt of the Year 2018 (multiple barrels) by Whisky expert Jim Murray (Whisky Bible).

With coloring.
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    1 Nikka Yoichi Single Malt
  • 1 Nikka from the barrel
  • 1 Nikka Pure Malt
  • 1 Nikka Coffey Malt
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