Set Rubus Gin & Glasses & Dr. Polidori Tonic Set

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This set includes one bottle of Rubus Gin, two Verone glasses and four bottle of Doctor Polidori Dry Tonic.

Rubus is a berry gin produced in the south of Germany. The perfect match to this gin is the Doctor Polidori Dry Tonic. The Gin & Tonic is rounded off perfectly by a sprig of mint and a raspberry.
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  • 1 x Rubus Gin
  • 2 x Long drink Glass Verone
  • 4 x Tonic Dr. Polidori Dry Tonic Water
  • Country of Origin


Description of the products

Actually, Rubus Gin was developed for barkeepers. On, you can buy this gin exclusively for your own home bar!

Regional ingredients from the Kaiserstuhl area (a region in Southern Germany) and citrus fruits from Sicily are the key components of Rubus gin. Among the 10 botanicals that have been used, you can find 6 classic components, but also some rather exotic ones, such as gooseberry, raspberry, grapefruit- and orange peel. These ingredients give Rubus Gin fruit and berry flavours.

Hold up the bottle and you see something beautiful: the inside of the back label is decorated with illustrations of the berries used.

Rubus Gin was developed by Leopold Langer (co-owner of the Schwarz-Weiss Bar in Ludwigsburg) and Alexander Mayer (head-barkeeper at the Schwarz-Weiß-Bar Stuttgart), and distilled by Florian Faude (Faude Feine Brände) in Bötzingen, in the Black Forest region.

We recommend to enjoy Rubus gin with a neutral tonic water such as Thomas Henry or Aqua Monaco. The Gin & Tonic is rounded off perfectly by a sprig of mint and a raspberry.

The name Rubus is, by the way, the designation for flowering plants in the rose family, such as raspberries and blackberries.

Use this large highball glass for your Gin & Tonic or any classic Highball cocktails or Fizz drinks. The "Verone" long drink glass lets you add enough ice cubes and liquid to make the heat of the summer a little more bearable.

Ingredients: water, sugar, carbonic acid, acidifier citric acid, natural flavor, antioxidant, ascorbic acid, quinine flavoring

Each bottle contains: 

Nutritional information:

Average nutritional information per: 100ml
Energy 139 kJ / 33 kcal
Fat 0 g
   Saturated fatty acids 0 g
Carbohydrates 7,8 g
   Sugar 7,8 g
Protein 0 g
Salt 0 g

Contains small amounts of fat, saturated fats, protein and salt. Store in a cool and dark place. 

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