Set Tarragona Absinthe Glass & Dripper - Handmade in Europe

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As used by famous writer and notorious absinthe drinker Ernest Hemingway, during his time in Spain in the twenties (see image).

Tarragona glasses on table. Ernest Hemingway and others at a restaurant table in Pamplona, Spain, summer 1926. Left to right at table, Gerald Murphy, Sara Murphy, Pauline Pfeiffer, Ernest Hemingway and Hadley Hemingway. (Image courtesy of Ernest Hemingway Collection/John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston.)

Hand made in Europe by artisan glass makers! A faithful reproduction of the absinthe glasses that became popular in Spain in the 1920s to 30s. Following the absinthe ban in France, some absinthe producers including Pernod moved absinthe production over to Tarragona in Spain, where absinthe was - and still is - legal. This created demand for locally-produced absinthe glasses and drippers. This kind of absinthe glass and dripper is nowadays referred to as the Tarragona style.

The techniques used to make our absinthe glasses are historically accurate, being handmade by skilled glass-blowers. Small air bubbles or imperfections in the glass are proof of this time honoured technique.

If you are used to reproductions of earlier absinthe drippers, the hole might seem large to you, meaning the water flows quite quickly. If you want to take things a bit more slowly, a trick among absintheurs in the know who often prefer their absinthe without sugar is to place a glass marble in the bottom of the dripper.

Infamous American author Ernest Hemingway is known to have enjoyed drinking absinthe in the north of Spain starting in the 1920s. There is a photo of him using a Tarragona absinthe glass, in Pamplona where he is known to have taken part in the running of the bulls, where bulls are released onto the streets, and people who wish to are allowed to run along with the charging bulls: At their own risk!

In Hemingway's book 'For Whom the Bell Tolls', set during the Spanish Civil war. The book's main character, an American guerilla fighter, takes solace in absinthe, described as 'liquid alchemy', which reminds him of a happier time in his life spent in Paris.

How to use an absinthe dripper.
Much more convenient than a carafe, an absinthe dripper, or in French, brouille-absinthe, lets you add iced water and sugar to your absinthe without water splashing everywhere, and it has the advantage of being very compact. To use a dripper, pour a measure of absinthe into your glass. Set the dripper on top of the glass. Place a sugar cube in the bottom of the dripper, fill the dripper with ice cubes, and then fill up the dripper with water. Enjoy the cloudy louche forming in the absinthe in your glass. Add 3-6 parts water for one part absinthe.

If you are looking for either part of this set individually, please take a look here: Tarragona Absinthe Glass, Tarragona Absinthe Dripper.

Approximately 15cm tall, 8cm diameter.

If you are looking for a larger handmade glass, check out the Tarragona glass' big sister: the Grande Pontarlier Glass.
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  • 1 Tarragona Absinthe Glass
  • 1 Dripper for Tarragona Glass
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Description of the products

An elegant absinthe glass, of a kind originally made in Spain during the 1920s and 30s.

For a complete description, see the Tarragona Absinthe Glass and Dripper set, where the glass comes complete with a matching absinthe dripper.
An elegant absinthe water dripper, of a kind originally made in Spain during the 1920s and 30s.

For a complete description, see the Tarragona Absinthe Glass and Dripper set.

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By Charlette

Added on the : 19/12/2016 French

Je trouve cet ensemble très joli!!!!!!!! Je pense que le set plus la bouteille feront plaisir à mon fils comme cadeau de noel!!!

By Philippe

Added on the : 20/06/2016 French

Déçu par le brouille-absinthe qui coule en filet continu du à un trou trop large et qui présente un défaut de finition.

Note d' Si vous voulez ralentir un peu les choses, utilisez une petite astuce de connaisseurs préférant boire l'absinthe sans sucre et placez une bille de verre au fond du brouille absinthe.
En ce qui concerne le défaut - merci de nous envoyer un mail.

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