Set Vecchio Amaro Del Capo and two glasses - 70cl

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Discover the Vecchio Amaro Del Cappo in a set with two glasses with an ideal size and shape for enjoying liqueur.   Read the whole description

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This Vecchio Amaro del Cappo liqueur is a symbolic product of Caffo distillery. This plant-based Calabrian liquor was taken from an old Calabrian recipe that is enriched with the knowledge handed down for four generations of the Caffo family. In 2010, this was the only Italian bitters to have won a gold medal in an international competition in Brussels. The peculiarity of this liqueur is the recommended serving temperature of -20° C!

Vecchio Amaro del Cappo combines the active ingredients of various plants, fruits, flowers and roots from Calabria, which are soaked in alcohol. These help in digestion and promote well-being. These 29 herbs are used in Calabria for its tonic and digestive effects. These include, among others: bitter orange, orange, liquorice, mandarin, chamomile and juniper. Its fine, aromatic flavor seduces even the most delicate palate and those who have little taste for bitter drinks.

According to the Calabrian tradition, the Vecchio Amaro del Cappo liqueur should be served in a small glass in order to gain the full advantage of the herbal characteristic. You can refine your cocktails and coffees with a shot of liqueur!

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