Spanish Vermouth - Yzaguirre Extra Dry Reserva (White Dry Vermouth) - 1L

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A lovely straw coloured vermouth, dry, savoury, and well balanced. Ageing in oak for a year brings harmony to this vermouth.

Made by Yzaguirre in Tarragona in the north of Spain, who have been since 1884, and something of an undiscovered jewel among vermouth makers.

The botanicals used by Yzaguirre include wormwood, coriander, cinchona, rhubarb root, juniper and many more...Their choice of grape variety for the base wine used is a typically Spanish grape, Macabeu, a type of wine resistant to oxidising, making it ideal for vermouth.

Tasting notes from Andrew White:

“Swirling in the glass, you get alcohol on the nose.

First impressions: Dry. A savoury aroma gives the idea are that this would be an ideal vermouth for making a Gibson.

Much softer on the tongue than expected. Not so plant heavy. Fresher than many vermouths taste. Dry white wine with some tannin.

Much drier than Noilly Prat Vermouth, and it doesn't have the soapy, lavendery aspect. If you like an extra dry martini cocktail, then this is the vermouth for you.”

Contain Sulfites.
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