Spanish Vermouth - Yzaguirre Selección 1884 (Red Vermouth) - 75cl

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An old-style aromatic sweet red vermouth. Sublime. If you love Antica Formula, this one is for you.   Read the whole description

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Barrel aged for 3 years in oak. Named in celebration of Yzaguirre's founding year, Selección 1884 Vermouth harks back to an older style of vermouth, richer and more bitter. If you love Antica Formula, this one is for you.

Bottled at 20% alcohol in an elegant dark glass bottle, with a very tasteful screen printed design. With a genuine cork stopper. Limited quantities are made each year.

The botanicals used by Yzaguirre include coriander, cinchona, rhubarb root, juniper, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, wormwood, thyme, chamomile, bitter orange peel, lemon peel, and flowers including roses. Their choice of grape variety for the base wine used is a typically Spanish grape, Macabeu, a type of wine resistant to oxidising, making it ideal for vermouth.

Tasting notes from Andrew White:

"Fruity. Apples, green pears. Apricot blossom. Nuts. It tastes like the smell of an oak tree. The finest aroma of all the Yzaguirre vermouths, certainly a great feat to have achieved.

What is very pleasant about the Yzaguirre 1884 is that the smell of alcohol is almost not there. It sits in the background almost unnoticed, perfectly in balance with the rest of the bouquet. Seeing that it is 20% alcohol was a surprise when I took a look at the bottle after tasting.

Very sweet, very rich and complex.

You can taste the effort that went into creating this vermouth. The more you drink, the more you want to try it again, and the more flavours and aromatic notes open up and develop. After getting to know the 1884, you will understand. This is almost a spiritual experience.

On sharing Yzaguirre Selección 1884 with some connoisseur friends, one of them lowered his voice and said with excitement that he couldn't wait to make a Negroni with the 1884 because it was so wonderfully aromatic and yet would stay in balance without overwhelming the gin. So I tried it out, and he was right."

Contain Sulfites.

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