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Absinthe L'Entêté - 70cl

France / 62%
(11 Reviews)

A fine Verte made at the Combier distillery in France. A fine hommage to the cla...

The Combier distillery is popular for their high quality absinthes and liqueurs. This absinthe made by Franck Choisne, the owner of the distillery. L'Entêté (can be translated as „the persistent“) is a p ...

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Absinthe La Valote Martin: Marylin - 50cl

Switzerland / 54%
(1 Review)

Mellow and elegant, this absinthe displays a personality full of roundness. Very...

La Valote Martin displays a mellow and elegant personality, full of roundness. Very charming. It is distilled by a man concerned about perpetuating the Green Fairy's myth, and who wants to guarantee a traditionally produced absinthe.

 $82/Liter $45.50 $41
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This spoon holder has have tiny scratches or other minor imperfections.This Spoo...

This spoon holder has have tiny scratches or other minor imperfections.This Spoon holder is a reproduction of the ones found in cafés during the XIXth century. It is elegant and robust, ideal to tidy your spoon collection. Sol ...

$65.50 $46
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New Orleans style coffee and chicory liqueur.

Bittermens' New Orleans Coffee Liqueur blends New Orleans-sourced coffee beans from Brazil with roasted French chicory root. They then add a touch of vanilla and a handful of cacao nibs from Taza Chocolate, sweetening the final liqueur with a domestic Belgian-style candy ...

 $82/Liter $55 $41
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Protectonic has been created based on the teachings of Chinese herbalism and Hil...

Protectonic is a tonic whose recipe Sensatonics modeled after the teachings of Chinese botany as well as Hildegard von Bingen. In the tincture with 32% ABV you can find aromas and active ingredients of real Solomon's seal, verbena, gingko, ...

 $120/Liter $70.50 $60
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A celebration of French yellow gentian.

Bittermens' Amère Sauvage (subtitled Gentiane Américaine) is a celebration of gentian root. At the heart of most French aperitif bitters, Italian Amari and other classic cocktail bitter, one almost always finds gentian root.Amère Sauvage uses only French yellow ...

 $81/Liter $54.50 $41
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