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This set is composed of a Jade Esprit Edouard absinthe and a bubble glass.

In this elegant wooden box, you find a bottle of absinthe Jade Esprit Edouard, faithful reproduction of the famous Edouard Pernod absinthe from the Belle Epoque. With it, you get a bubble glass. The glass will be shipped sep ...

 $123/Liter $95.50 $86
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A replica of the historical Edouard Pernod absinthe. For connoisseurs!

The Jade Esprit Edouard absinthe, a replica of the historical Edouard Pernod, is an absinthe for connoisseurs. By 1897, the house of Edouard Pernod boasted a reputation for crafting some of the best absinthe the world has ever known. At the time ...

 $170/Liter $9.50 $8.50
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This set contains one bottle of Absinthe Jade Esprit Edouard and one SLIPSTREAM®...

With this set you get one 20cl bottle of Absinthe Jade ...

 $382.50/Liter $85 $76.50
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