Strong Absinthe

Quality absinthe with a strong alcoholic strength and flavor. In green absinthe, a strong ABV helps to keep the color from fading - the green chlorophyll naturally obtained by the maceration of plants.

Strong clear absinthe is usually where the distiller has decided to keep the absinthe at the strength it was distilled, rather than diluting it. This has the advantage that you can make more glasses of absinthe compared to the majority of absinthe, which is weaker.

If you are looking to buy strong absinthe online, you are in the right place here. Beware of sites advertising high thujone absinthe, or absinthe with maximum thujone - this is a sign of low quality unauthentic products. All of our absinthe contains wormwood (and therefore thujone) in quantities similar to that in absinthe from Victorian times, or the 'Belle Epoque' in France.
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Absinthe Grön Opal - 50cl

Sweden / 72%
(49 Reviews)

Another excellent Verte from Sweden, made with wild-foraged grand wormwood.

The Grön Opal absinthe (Swedish for Green Opal) is made according to a French recipe from the 19th century. For several years, the two distillers from Svensk Absint have worked on making the perfect recipe and finding the i ...

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